GTC Culture: A Code of Honor for Success


Weeks ago, I was having dinner with my friend Henry in San Diego. While we enjoyed a delicious Pacifico beer and Mexican food, we were sharing perspectives about our businesses; he is a marketing expert and the founder of Get Clear Marketing.  We were talking about accountability and the self-discipline required to achieve outstanding results.  He told me that the way we work at GTC is interesting because of our “American” structure to deliver results with discipline, efficiency, and effectiveness. I said, “our mindset is actually Japanese.”  He was surprised and at the same time intrigued by my comment, so I shared the essence of GTC Consulting.

I said, “our culture is built on a code of honor based on our corporate values (honesty, professionalism, respect, confidentiality, commitment, and continuous learning); we are modern samurais committed to our own growth and self-development to be able to better serve our client.”

He opened his eyes, so I continued, “let me share something that I don’t share very often, I have trained Karate since I was 4 years old and have a Karate studio in San Diego.  I’m currently a Yondan, which means a fourth-degree black belt.  I received the title of Renshi, which means polished expert.  I’m part of the most prestigious traditional Japanese martial arts organization in Japan, the DNBK (Dai Nippon Butoku Sai).  I also have been training Iaido for years, the art of the samurai sword also known as the art of cutting ego. I train Iaido because it gives me peace of mind and helps me to continuously polish my spirit, develop my discipline, and self-control to give my best at leading the talent and spirit of my samurai team.”

I shared that like in Bushido (the samurai code), “the focus is to be at peace with ourselves and death, accept it as part of life, knowing that is fragile and we have it now.  Therefore, now is the time to give my best, that is the only thing I know for sure and a great way to live life with purpose.”


He looked at me and asked, “Where is all of that?  Is it in your website?  How come I did not know this until now?  This is outstanding!  Now everything makes sense, you just completed the puzzle of who you are and why you have built the team you have.”  After that, now I was the surprised one.  I shared with him that GTC Consulting is what it is because of the team and my business partner. I explained that I don’t want it to be about me.  He replied, “it is about you!”  Then he asked, “how do you describe what Apple does in a few words?”  I said, “simplicity that works.”  He exclaimed, “exactly! You didn’t think about Steve Jobs and what he has done, you think about the value that Apple brings and the message is very clear.  However, the essence of Steve Jobs is still there.  Now, how do you describe GTC in a few words?”  This time it took me longer to answer, and I mentioned, “discipline, commitment to results, and we know how to empower our clients to help them become the greatest person inside of them, therefore their organization grows.”  He said, “that is good, but still too long.”

Now I was really thinking.  He continued, “think about samurais; what you have is pretty unique and the way GTC is doing it and in the field, that you are doing it is even more unique.  I haven’t heard something like that.  You are a team of modern samurais developing the soft skills of your clients, that’s awesome! So, how can you say that in a few words?”  I said, “internal growth for external results.”  He said, “ok, that may work; create something simple and powerful so people can easily remember it.”

I continued brainstorming more ideas, still too long and not that powerful; that was a challenge! I had coached him and his business partner, and now he was coaching me and giving a lot of value through his questions.  Henry was challenging me and I was enjoying it.  I know I will laugh about this when we discover something short, simple, and therefore more powerful.  After that brainstorm I asked him, “ok, from your standpoint, what are the qualities of a samurai?”  He answered, “a samurai is loyal, respectful, well educated, knows how to act, is honorable, respected, and revered.”  So, I asked, “what are the benefits of collaborating with a samurai?”  Henry said, “things will happen, trust, efficiency, commitment, growth.”  Then I asked again, “what results can you achieve if you are trained or coached by a samurai?”  He said, “self-discipline, self-development, focus, and the results I want if I’m willing to put the energy in that.”  He paused, then continued, “Genaro that’s exactly what your message is, it is a code of honor.  You will be working with the clients that share those values, those ideals.  It is a great way to filter prospects and choose your clients.  If they want the shortcut, they are not for GTC; on the other hand, if they want to grow and are willing to focus their time and effort with discipline, they will achieve what they want because you are helping them grow from the core.”  I was amazed listening to him; he was not kidding when he said that he had completed the puzzle.  He was describing the real value that we provide at building leaders in his own words.


We were running out of time and Henry said, “use this story, it is powerful!”  So here I am on my flight back to Mexico thinking about the gift of talking to Henry.  I wrote the following belief system that I know is the essence of who we are and the value we deliver to our network:


– We are committed to our self-development for the success of others.

– We behave with loyalty, discipline, sincerity, camaraderie, and respect.

– We do our best every time, because now is the right time to achieve great things.

– We give our life to train and coach people to help them become their greatest selves.

– We are a samurai team committed to have a better world.

These words are coming from my heart they represent what I believe is important in life. I hope they have a profound meaning for you too. I really want to know: What are your thoughts?  It will be great to hear back from you.

Thank you for being part of our network, for being our inspiration, and purpose to wake-up every morning.

Life is great!

Genaro Torres
Founder and Talent Management at GTC