In today’s world, digitalization is affecting businesses from every angle, thrusting it into the forefront and making it a topic that requires immediate action. To many, the word “digital” stimulates thoughts of complex software, platforms, or systems; such as social media platforms that will take “forever” to master. New technological elements spring up every day and it can honestly become overwhelming, and as a result tempting to turn a blind eye to learning them. Thus, we often delegate the use and adaptation of this technology to younger employees who are more “in-tune” with that world. It is important that executives’ pay attention to these matters and begin providing educated leadership on the digital front, at GTC we call this Digital Leadership. However, before you take tangible steps to address this issue, let me first ask you to consider allowing yourself to become more open to change. Openness helps us empty our mind, prepares us for new information, and helps us learn different perspectives that will aid our understanding and help us make better decisions.  Once it is established that an open mind is present, then it is appropriate to begin asking tangible questions about Digital Leadership. Questions such as: who is in charge of carrying out digital leadership in the company (or in departments, or team).  Who is willing to lead the charge to adopt technological change companywide (how will/can this impact the client experience? Who will take the leadership on deciding what software programs, social network platforms, and other systems that the company will use? Then finally, who will help to incorporate technology into the culture of the organization? These are difficult questions to answer and one of the best ways to find solutions to difficult questions is by using the coaching method. Let’s have some fun, please allow me to walk you through a small exercise that will help you generate new insights.

Flash- forward ten years into your future and imagine yourself physically sitting or standing in a room at your business, it has reached your ideal vision. Where do you see your company (the location, the size, the people)? What are you doing? How are you using technology? How do you feel? What is the energy in the room like?  Close your eyes and spend a minute (or longer) with that image.  Now come back to today, to 2018.   What would be the value of knowing what actions took you from where you are today, to your 10-year vision?   What are the important milestones that will make you successful, full, and as happy as you have always wanted to be? Can you start to see some solutions already, or some areas where you need improvement? Part of our mission, here at GTC, is to help our clients fill these gaps and reach their vision.

We, as a consulting/coaching/training firm want to see your company thriving, triumphant, creating a positive impact on society, and to be consistently improving and growing. This is why, in collaboration with our strategic alliance, MBGE Intersistemas, we have created the program called Digital Leadership. This program’s objective is to make companies competitive and to strengthen their leadership by impacting their users’ experience through digitalization, adaptation and use of technology. As an executive, it can be extremely valuable to know that there is support in our business community, and that we are not alone. If you make the decision to take the path toward digital leadership, we will be your ally on that journey. Once you are on that path, adapting to new technology and environments will be the next step that determines your success.  This is why we also implore you to embrace change, both personally and on a business level, because if you fall behind on the curve personally, it will adversely affect your business.  As stated by one of the leaders on the topic of technology and business, Mark Raskino, author of Digital to the Core: Remastering Leadership for your Industry, Your Enterprise, and Yourself, “Ensure that the pace and type of change internally match or exceed the changes occurring externally.”.

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Alejandra Zarate

Business Consultant & Coach