10 practices to achieve your 2019 goals


When a new year starts the air is filled with excitement and expectation. It is common for people to make resolutions for the new year, hoping that life will change over the following months because they will start doing different things.

In this pursuit, life happens, days flow quickly, and there are factors beyond our control that become obstacles to achieving our objectives. This is why knowing how to adapt to change is so important. Embracing our purpose and obtaining our objectives requires action and decision if our goals are to become reality.

From my perspective, it all starts with discipline of thought. Our mind is so bright that it keeps us busy all the time with many different thoughts. These thoughts may have worked for us in the past, so they make sense to us.  However, every so often we must ask ourselves if our thoughts are still useful, or if they have become outdated. Our mind is like a machine that turns the thoughts that we consistently repeat to ourselves into our reality, therefore it is imperative that we discipline our thoughts.  The first step in this process is to develop an awareness of our thoughts and of the actions we carry out in alignment with our values. When practicing discipline of thought, it is also important to thank our mind for keeping us aware of our thoughts, which helps us start to create our new reality.

The following questions can work as a practical guide to learn what thoughts lead to our success:


1.       Review: What results did I get?

2.      Remember: What actions did I take to obtain this result?

3.      Internalize: What emotions led me to act the way I did?

4.      Raise awareness: What thoughts detonated those emotions?


We have to live, feel, accept, and move forward, even when things don’t go as planned. Change happens when we build new habits, and thoughts are also habits. Disciplining our thoughts will allow us to adapt to change and practice mental flexibility.


To build new habits that will allow you to achieve this year’s resolutions, you can use the following best practices from our clients:


1.       One step at a time: Monitor your progress, recognize each step you make, and make sure you are always making progress; even with the smallest step, move forward.

2.      Plan: Once you are executing on your commitments, surely many things will happen that you did not anticipate. Start to schedule a few change commitments, measure your times, and plan better next time.

3.      Prorate: Maybe you set a goal that represents a big challenge for you, prorate effort and divide that goal into smaller objectives that you can achieve in a shorter period of time.

4.      Establish a system of metrics: One that makes sense to you and keeps you motivated, think about the short, medium, and long-term benefits that your objective’s achievement will bring.

5.      Tools: Use the tools that best suit you, especially those that you continually use, such as: a calendar, Trello board, reminders, email, OneNote, etc.

6.      Implementation partners: Use allies: people who are a support and trust group that will drive you to achieve your goals.

7.      Feedforward: Learn from your mistakes, forgive yourself, and move forward. Use feedforward as a tool to make sure you receive feedback from your circle of influence and improve based on it. Besides, you will surely receive very good advice from them.

8.     Update your goals: It is easy to lose yourself in day-to-day tasks and operations.  Establish different checkpoints throughout the year to go back to your objectives and validate how much sense they still make for you.

9.      Life balance: Make sure that your goals are aligned with your values and are bringing you closer to the best version of yourself.  Ensure that this improvement is holistic and impacts every aspect of your life.

10.  Define positive and powerful statements: Think as if you have already achieved your goals. Create new mantras to focus on your goals. Remember that our mind believes what it repeats. If you are mainly visual, put images in your most frequent spaces that remind you of your goal.

These ten examples are some of the best practices that our clients have used to develop new habits. Remember that all change starts with discipline of thought.  Also, when our goals are tied to our motivators and values, they make better sense to us and it’s easier to work toward them.

We love helping our clients achieve their dreams. As implementation partners, we get to be a part of the changes that make their dreams become reality.

A new year is a new chance to start from scratch and we invite you to take full advantage of the 365 blessings that 2019 holds!


Alejandra Zárate

CPC / Business Developer