Surprise is the key to having clients fall in love with your business.


What’s one way you could surprise a client today?

The answer to this question, which is apparently simple, can mean the difference between having satisfied customers and having customers who are passionate about your company.

To surprise is to generate astonishment, to cause an impact or confusion by showing something that was hidden, strange or unexpected. A customer in love is continually surprised by significant experiences within a company. These customers are amazed, as well as moved, by unexpected positive experiences, generating an affective bond of loyalty and fidelity. To be clear, when I talk about customers, I mean both external and internal customers of the company.

The business philosophy permeating the markets espouses that the cornerstone of business success is experience. The term experience has become fashionable in business language, seen frequently as: customer experience, employee experience, and user experience. Everybody is buzzing about various experiences!  It seems that everyone is in a constant search to engage in new experiences, moments, or novel circumstances that stimulate their senses.

Providing memorable experiences is a kind of sustainable differentiation that increases customer loyalty and improves the company’s competitive position. Exceptional experiences produce extraordinary results. A well-designed experience adds value, makes a difference, and constitutes a source of sustainable competitive advantage that is difficult to imitate.

Nowadays it is not enough to satisfy the needs and expectations of customers, we must overcome them. People do not just purchase for low prices, prestigious brands, convenience, or good compensation, they look for unique and inspiring experiences that make them feel better.

So, how do you create out-of-the-ordinary experiences, or memorable experiences? Below, I share my list of 6 principles or rules for generating memorable client experiences. The first principle for generating memorable experiences is to create a team that has an attitude of service, where the people are empowered, committed, and who embrace the values ​​and philosophy of the company with consistency. A team of collaborators who are in love with your company build loyal customers. The second principle is to fulfill our basic promise. The surprises and moments that one falls in love with are relevant only if these basic promises are fulfilled. Quality is an expectation and a minimum requirement. To put this into perspective, one might say that it does not matter how kind a waiter is if the food is not good. The third principle is to hold everyone accountable for their actions. Companies that stand out for offering wonderful experiences are clear that the relationship with customers is comprehensive and not solely the responsibility of the commercial area or company’s customer service. The ability to exceed customer expectations varies upon location and is affected by multiple variables, this is how a service culture works.  The fourth principle is to go beyond customer satisfaction. A satisfied customer stays but will leave if another, better option comes along. Satisfaction is not synonymous with loyalty though, as loyal customers, fans and promoters of the brand must be influenced by a constant appeal to their wants. The fifth principle is to constantly revise the processes and practice again and again until it’s perfected. Surprising customers with pleasant experiences should be deliberate, planned and part of the modus operandi of the company. Consistent experiences are generated when each person in each function habitually follows the guidelines of the process for their specific role.  The sixth principle is to consistently reinvent our self to be able to awaken creativity and look for unique methods of completing mundane activities to please the client. You must understand their interests to be able to design experiences that surprise them. Presenting novelties, while still incorporating learning, allows for fun, interesting, and energizing experiences that involve all the senses. Walt Disney expressed the essence of the customer experience well, by saying “Whatever you do, do it well. Do it so well that, when people see you doing it, they want to come back and see you do it again, and they will bring others to teach them how well you do what you do. ”

What’s one way you could surprise a client today?


 Olivia Reinosa

Coach / Business Developer