Business Think


This is a book published in Colombia (in the Spanish translation) in 2003 that describes a series of personal behaviors necessary to function harmoniously within a company. The main theme of this approach consists of eight principles to orient the employee in his/her role and give direction to their actions in order to facilitate the achievement of his/her initiatives. It should be supported by a performance IQ combined with the emotional quotient EQ.

• Principle 1
says “Get rid of your ego at the door”. It is a defensive or aggressive attitude that tends to be the face of uncertainty and requires one to change him/herself with openness and humility.

• Principle 2
says “Generate curiosity” and thus try new things and probe the unknown by not restricting oneself to traditional approaches.

• Principle 3
recommends “staying away from the solution” in the sense of not moving towards distractions, which are not corrections of latent phenomenon. Rather, go deeper in order to detect the real problems.

• Principle 4
“Gather evidence” If you do not have concrete and measurable data, there is no reason to do something. You must have quantifiable evidence.

• Principle 5
“Calculate the impact” The cost of the solution should not exceed the cost of tolerating the problem. Estimating the cost of a change should be made with those who will make the decision and the cost should not have been previously calculated.

• Principle 6
“Explore the ripple effect” A change or innovation within a company should be measured based on the effects that go beyond the place where it originates.

• Principle 7
“Slow down at red flags” When a problem is noticed, it is not necessary to make rash decisions. It is necessary to measure future impacts.

• Principle 8
“Check for cause” It is important to treat the true root cause and not to attack only the effects.

These principles are simple but require a lot of practice and focus to generate a positive change in your work dynamics; however, its adequate application will definitely provide you and your team better resources to collaborate more assertively.

Jorge R. Almanza
Consultant, GTC Consulting