We'd like to share some of our customer's experiences working along with GTC Consulting through their own personal testimonies.

“My experience working with GTC has been very good because they have helped us organize the whole team, create objectives and metrics that will make things work better. The have proven to be a committed team and to carry out each assignment punctually. They also gave us the thrust that every company needs. All of this also depends on the pressure made and the client’s commitment to the agreement made to make things work.”

Arturo Altamirano
Commercial Director Albe Internacional Group


“In my experience, this program drives the company, starting with its leaders. By encouraging them to grow internally and professionally, changes begin to emerge which enable the evolution and constant innovation of each individual.”

Filomeno Reynoso
MBGE Intersistemas


“I have learned so much that can be applied to situations in which, before, I would only have used my intuition or experience. Now, I can use a better approach based on techniques with proven results, especially when referring to effective communication and people management.”

Lucio Ferrer
iTexico Team Lead

iTexto Team Lead

"Their assertive approach and deep knowledge on the creation and execution of a business plan, has made for a successful implementation while allowing me to measure and calculate tangible results."

Sandra Hendrix
Commercial Director, Coldwell Banker México


“My experience has been spectacular. I realized the potential that I was not using due to a lack of guidance at the organizational level.”

Víctor M. Gómez
President, Porsche Puerto Rico


"The work that GTC Consulting conducted with entrepreneurs has been invaluable both due to their project analysis method, as well as for the passionate commitment to support teams. The result of GTC Consulting’s work has been excellent.”

Tommaso Prennushi
International Director, Campus Party

Campus Party

"GTC took us by hand through a unique process of strategic planning. They combined their talent, experience, and capabilities in a program that will take us to the next level."

Humberto Cebada
CEO, Global Solare

Global Solare

"For many years, I have known Genaro Torres and Juan Carlos Rodriguez and used their excellent consulting services and workshops for my company. We have achieved great goals and growth through GTC´s professional guidance. Now GTC provides workshops and ongoing consulting in our offices in San Diego, Las Vegas, and Miami. Thank you GTC for many years of support to S.O.S Tax."

Mario Motta /CEO Founder

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